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STEP 1 | Your vision of the future begins the change process, and includes identification of new behaviors and perceptions required to achieve the vision.  Use of an executive Dashboard helps you to stay grounded and get clear on what's really important during the change. STEP 2 | Clarify the value of change to you and those who interact with you.  This part of the process is formalized by your commitment to make decisions that reinforce constructive behaviors, embrace the outcomes of change, and shift your performance in measurable ways. STEP 3 | The heart of the executive coaching process is arriving at change.  It begins with assessing the current situation, and using active and appreciative inquiry to gain insights.  Together, we initiate solutions to resolve behavioral and perceptual issues, by getting to the root cause.  Where appropriate, your colleagues are involved to provide additional insights and support.  Action-steps are taken to achieve the desired behavior change. STEP 4 | Move on from victory as you celebrate and bring closure to the process.  While we tracked progress throughout the process, now we evaluate what you accomplished and what others are observing.  Are the right things happening and are your actions sustainable?  Key factors to bear in mind include establishing:  a leadership framework that integrates behaviors, values that align with business strategy and growth of the organization.

Aspiring>Striving>Arriving>Thriving> Skip Reynolds is your agent for change.


Ben Cantu

October 1, 2013

"Skip's Elegant Leadership seminar was custom designed and tailored to our group goals.  The coaching and information provided by Skip, exceeded our expectations.  Skip's passion, knowledge and expertise infused new life in our management team.  I highly recommend Skip's leadership seminars for your business."  

Ben Cantu,
South Texas Region
Branch Manager / BETCO Scaffolds

Katherine Silvas

July 30, 2012

"Skip is an outstanding leader, capable of seeing and bringing out the best in others. His coaching and encouragement have led me to expand my abilities and sense of self-confidence beyond my expectations. As a result of his professional coaching and leadership, I am reaching beyond myself and expanding my impact both professionally and personally. Skip is a visionary and offers depth of perspective. I highly recommend him.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert"  

Katherine Silvas 
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Andrew Neitlich

April 26, 2012

"Skip is absolutely, totally committed to helping leaders embrace, navigate, and be successful -- especially in situations involving challenging change.

His "ing" model is elegant and provides you with the tools to succeed no matter how daunting the change facing you and your organization. More importantly, you get to work with Skip. Skip is sincere, passionate about what he does, and one of the most authentic, generous, and yet focused individuals I have met. His background and past experiences are impressive and also set him apart from other professionals in the field. I highly recommend him."  

Andrew Neitlich,
Owner, Center for Executive Coaching
worked with Skip @ Skip Reynolds Consulting

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Seven ways to be more Transparent

Want the biggest impact you can have on others?

There is one thing that any of us cannot avoid in dealing with others, and that is our "motives." It is true that people do things for their reasons not ours, and that applies to us as well. We say and do things for our reasons, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our motives don't impede our ability to be influencers for the right reasons, not just our reasons.


The Seven Orientations of Our Executive Coaching Process - That gets Results

1. Relationships - You gain a positive business relationsuip by receiving value, service, and professionalism

2. Outcomes - You wiull focus on end results (not tasks) that helps you create a powerful compelling future

3. Possibility - You learn to create a sense of possibility with encouragement to push through uncertainty

4. Commitment & Potential - You have our complete devotion to your most ambitious, noble, and inspiring goals

5. Equal Footing - You have our assurance to be open, honest, and authentic with you

6. Dialogue - We listen with intent, explore your issues with you, and help you test solutions to achieve results

7. Capacity - You will learn to improve your capabilities and performance overall for the long-term

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4-Stage Model for Change

Our four-stage model for change helps clients increase their value to the organization and have more impact, in ways that are noticeable and appreciated by others in the organization. 

Aspiring > Striving > Arriving > Thriving

1 aspire > 2 strive > 3 arrive > 4 thrive

Find out more about our 4-Stage Model for Change.


Skip Reynolds Consulting

Skip Reynolds Consulting creates high performance workforces that give a sustainable competitive advantage. Our clients learn to solve important organizational challenges through - 

  • Executive Coaching *
  • Leadership Development (Elegant Leadership) **
  • Sales Success System (Slingshot Sales)
  • Assessments (Profiles International)
  • Creating a Culture of Coaching (Building Frameworks)
  • Strategic Planning (Aligning the Organization for Market Success)

By helping our clients build a consistent culture for change, we enable them to effectively engage and embrace their employees and their organizational goals for improved performance and results.

Find out how.

*  We hold certifications from the Center for Executive Coaching (Andrew Neitlich) Certified Executive Coach | Master Certified Coach & Trainer | Slingshot Sales Success System | & from (Marshall Goldsmith) - Initial Mastery of Stakeholder Centered Coaching.  Our Executive Coaching process is strickly focused on Behavioral & Perceptual Coaching only.

** Our leadership program is a multi-facited process from the works of Andrew Neitlich and his work on Elegant Leadership.  This process can be offered in a one-on-one coaching format, face-to-face with groups (Immersion & Time-spaced).  For the introduction of Elegant Leadership on-line, please visit us at: to participate in a unique "Boot Camp" or VIP learning experience.